Education is the primary growth engine in any individual’s life. Education can help him achieve his true potential and self-sustain throughout his life. However, suitable education facilities are still scarce at the grass root level in India. To fulfill this gap young members of Purvanchal Kalyan Ashram have come together to form e-Vidya, a platform to connect aspiring rural students with high quality academic faculties and impart quality education.


All round Development of rural students through e-learning centers in rural WB.


To provide affordable e-learning opportunities for rural students belonging to economically backward classes and help them realize their full potential. This will be achieved through a combination of e-classes for academic subjects, Co-curricular hobbies and Personality Development.


Covid-19 caused a severe disruption in the education of students. Though schools moved to an e-classes model, rural students especially from economically weaker backgrounds were adversely affected as they lack resources for online education. e-Vidya initiative was conceptualized to fill this void by providing online education. Due to tremendous response received from students and volunteers this initiative was converted into a long-term project.